Same Ocean

22 February 2013 – 8PM

Bilsu Hacar – Seth Indigo Carnes
Johannes Gierlinger – Laura Kraning
Marcantonio Lunardi – Diran Lyons
Angelo Picozzi – Carlie Trosclair

MIA is pleased to present SAME OCEAN, a selection of experimental films and video art projects working with historical material. From the dark magik underlying the Jet Propulsion Labratory in the hills above Pasadena to the 45 individual seconds the atom bomb took to detonate over the city of Hiroshima, the machinations of the recent presidential election to the mire of Berlusconi’s Italy, these artworks are recontexturalizing individual moments we collectively recognize with new perspectives and comparisons.
still1_Keep_My_Pic_Sister Keep My Pic Sister (2012), from Turkish artist Bilsu Hacar is a short performance documentation that uses a paper cutout of a black burqa.
TotalDisintegration NYC based Seth Indigo Carnes focuses on 1920s avant-garde cinema, where objects and bodies fracture and dissolve into and through each other. Total Disintigration (2010) is a live cinematic generation working with videos as paint in a palette.
brokentime Broken Time (2011) from Austrian artist Johannes Gierlinger riffs on the cut up films of the Beats mixing dismembered pieces of footage with text and manipulated celluloid.
"Devil's Gate" by Laura Kraning Laura Kraning‘s Devil’s Gate (2011) depicts the physical and mythological terrain of Devil’s Gate Dam, located at the nexus of Pasadena’s historical relationship with technology and the occult, through an examination of Jack Parsons’ writings.
suspension_2 Trilogy of Decadence (2011-2012) by Marcantonio Lunardi evokes the omnipresence of Silvio Berlusconi in the last two decades of Italy’s history and the tension of waiting for a change followed by the 21 days that transformed the political system and sealed his downfall.
DIRAN LYONS - 99 PROBLEMS 1In the remix video 99 Problems (2012) by Diran Lyons, Barack Obama raps a modified version of Jay Z’s song by the same name. The revised lyrics cover subjects ranging from Occupy Wall Street, escalating energy costs, bank bailouts, “Fast and Furious,” Obama’s birth certificate, and the use of predator drones.
9Scottish artist Angelo Picozzi found a roll of 15 photographs which, upon inspection, contained three photographs taken in Hiroshima, Japan sometime shortly after the atomic bom was dropped over the city. 00:00:45:00 (2007) takes its temporal duration from the time it took “Little Boy” to explode over the city after its release from “Engola Gay.”
KowalskyAn abandoned interior is given a new skin in Carlie Trosclair‘s Kowalsky Intervention (2012) re-structuring and re-imagining our understanding of the physical space.

8PM – February 22, 2013
The Armory Center for the Arts
145 N. Raymond Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91103

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